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Picking the right tee prize

Tee prizes say a lot about your golf tournament. You want your players to be happy and full of fond memories when they leave your tournament. Remember, tee prizes are not just for one time use, but something that people will keep in their homes, take to work, etc. There are several types of tee prizes so it is important to pick ones that suit your audience. If I was planning a tournament for an elderly audience I would not want to give out Hannah Montana themed golf gloves.

The essentials

Every golf tournament has at least 1 or 2 of the following items: Golf towels, balls and tees. There is nothing wrong with picking these items for your tournament. However, balls and tees do not last long, which decreases your company’s exposure. In addition, it’s important to think of something unique. Here are a few items and why I think they will give you the best exposure for your company.

 Aluminum water bottles- People are becoming more environmentally friendly. These water bottles are durable and used over and over. I see them daily at work, on the course, to the gym and some carry them around everywhere.

EZ brush tool- This is a great tool for cleaning golf clubs and golf shoes. I like it because I can use this on the course after I dig up clumps of dirt with my club, which is often. Again, think about tee prizes that last a while. I have been using the same brush for 2 years and it works great. Strap it on to your bag for everyone to see.

Watches- A lot is to be said about the power of a nice watch. They add a touch of class and boost confidence. Not to mention, a great conversation piece. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality ones either.  

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I came across this really neat app for the iphone. This tool is great for finding courses to host your tournament. You can search by course name, location and it even has rankings of the courses

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Fun Fact!

There are 18 holes in golf because that’s how long it takes to kill a 1/5th of scotch assuming you take a shot after every hole!

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The rules of golf are important to know. There are hundreds of rules out there and only a few know them all. I am no exception. This app for the iphone lets you search any scenario that might occur and the proper course of action. Golf digest says this is “the best effort to decipher the rules of golf” Next time your buddy tries to claim he gets a free drop from a sandtrap bust out the igolf rules and put him in his place!

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Getting Started: Planning your golf tournament

So you are the lucky one who gets to plan the golf tournament for your business or friends. Great! It is going to be a hit! But in order to get there, a lot of detailed planning is involved. You need to figure out what kinds of tee prizes you will be handing out. How will you be obtaining sponsors? Where and when will the tournament be held? What type of event is this going to be and for what audience? It is easy to get overwhelmed by everything, but do not worry. Follow these steps and everyone will be talking about how fantastic your tournament was.

8-9 months prior to the tournament

  • Sit down and figure out what are the goals for this project.
  • Who is going to be apart of your task team? These positions need to be filled. Tournament Director, Planner, Marketing
  • Most events are for non profit organizations go to http://www.irs.gov/charities/charitable/article/0„id=96099,00.html and make sure they fall under 501 (c)(3) category

6 months to go

  • Create a time line and set the date. This is your game plan to stick to.
  • Do a site inspection to ensure a safe and easy to use facility.
  • The Director should put together a preliminary budget for things like food, tee prizes, fees, etc. 
  • The Planner should set up preliminary logistics such as contacting and securing your golf course, mailing potential sponsors, identifying celebrities and putting together a volunteer list.
  • Marketing should start creating and updating a website. Make sure your website has a tab where sponsors can sign up. It helps when they have to solicit sponsors as well.

3-4 months left

  • Now is the time to kick it in gear. You should be finalizing a tournament format that is best suited for you.
  • The Director needs to establish a player method of payment. Have a lawyer put together some contracts for both players and the course. If something goes wrong it’s important that you are not left vulnerable. Pick up hole in one insurance and other kinds of insurance that you feel comfortable with. Finalize the budget and prepare a leader board.
  • The Planner should set up a Master Account for all of your expenses as well as finalizing your list of volunteers. All the invitations need to be sent out.
  • The Marketing position is going to be busy. A logo needs to be designed. Remember this logo is going to be on everything, create one that you feel best represents your group. After you have that figured out, awards need to be purchased. What kind of awards are you going to have? Trophies? Bowls? Plaques? Also, tee prizes need to be ordered. When putting together tee prizes think of ones that golfers will use often so they will always be reminded of how great your tournament was.
  • Time to get the word out about your golf tournament. Contact media outlets such as radio stations, create a television ad, print a story in a newspaper, website or magazine that is related to golf. Facebook and twitter is a great way to spread the word quickly and at a no cost. Talk to your sponsors about any deals with press releases, etc.
  • Discuss with your task committee whether or not you are going to be doing a raffle or an auction. What kind of prizes will be giving out?  

30 Days to go!

  • The clock is winding down and there are still things to be done. Your Planning Director needs to prepare a registration list, publish registration cut-off, finalize rules and the agenda. Hire a photographer to come and capture all those special moments. Set up aid first aid stations accordingly. Select food and beverages that will be appropriate for the audience. Be aware of people with food allergies and make sure there is a way to accommodate their needs. These little details make all the difference.
  • Have Marketing order any promotional shoes, gloves, shirts and hats. Put together tee prize baggies. Leatherette golf pouches are great for holding all those tee prizes. 

1 week, the final countdown…..

  • You made it this far, just a little more to go. Determine the pairings and finalize all course arrangements. Double check to make sure everything is on course.
  • Get some two way radios to ensure easy communication.
  • Finalize insured contests such as hole in one, closest to the pin, 50 foot putting challenge
  • Get parking signs ready to set up the day of the event.

Day of Tournament

  • Smile and give high fives. Congratulations! You have just run a successful golf tournament. Don’t forget to send out Thank You cards to everyone that came.

I hope you have found this helpful. There are tons of other little details to get in to. In the future, I will be addressing some of these situations you might come across.


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